Picking the Perfect Wedding Venue


It’s your wedding, so you want it to be perfect, starting with the venue. But not according to someone else’s idea of perfection. Perfect for you! Here are some of the key things to consider as you decide on the perfect place for your special day. 

  1. Budget & Cost
  • Establishing a budget is one of the first things you should do as you plan your wedding. From there you can make a realistic list of potential venues. Be sure to factor in included services versus necessary add-ons. 
  • At the Cavalier Resort, our team of wedding planning professionals will review your budget and offer tips, advice and resources, including a broad-brush initial conversation to get you started. 
  1. Wedding Size
  • Getting a rough idea of the size of your guest list is another critical early step. Think this one through sooner rather than later as a list that exceeds your initial plan can create potential problems if you’ve already chosen a venue.
  • The Cavalier Resort can accommodate weddings ranging from 10 to 500 guests. Whether you’re thinking intimate or grandiose – from beach weddings to beautiful garden settings to breathtaking ballroom receptions, we have you covered. 
  1. Venue Availability
  • Start planning early if you can. Finding a venue will be easier (and less stressful) if you’re doing it nine months or more ahead of your wedding date. Shorter time frames may limit what venues are available to you.
  • Working with a Cavalier Resort Wedding Planner, it’s easy to find the right date for your event. Having a wide variety of options to choose from provides extra flexibility, which means we can often accommodate shorter time frames.
  1. Your Theme or Vibe
  • Only you know what you have in mind as far as a theme, aesthetic or vibe for your wedding. Formal? Rustic? Indoor? Outdoor? As you explore venues, stay true to your vision.
  • From the ballroom to the beach, the Cavalier Resort offers a wide range of beautiful venues. That means versatility in themes and feels, too, from traditional to modern, romantic to vintage, all with special touches to make your event unique. 
  1. Indoor or Outdoor?
  • This is one of the most basic questions, and it’s really up to you. An outdoor wedding venue can be a wonderful choice, from a beach to a garden to someone’s backyard. Just remember that weather can be unpredictable, so have accommodations or a plan B in mind just in case Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.  
  • Our wedding planners will be glad to give you a tour of all the beautiful spaces – both indoor and outdoor – that are available at the Cavalier Resort. 
  1. The Surrounding Area
  • The general area around the venue should also be a consideration. Are there hotels, restaurants and other accommodations nearby? Are the surrounding streets and neighborhoods pleasant and safe – especially any that your guests may need to traverse to get to the venue? 
  • The Cavalier Resort is situated on the exclusive North End of Virginia Beach. We’re at the Oceanfront, close to a wide variety of restaurants, shopping, museums and more.
  1. Accommodation Options for Guests
  • If you’re anticipating a lot of out-of-town guests, choose a venue that includes or is near a hotel. Consider your guests’ experience from the start of their visit to the end, not just during the wedding.
  • The Cavalier Resort includes three beautiful hotels – something for every guest. They can choose from the Historic Cavalier Hotel, the Marriott Virginia Beach Oceanfront and the Embassy Suites by Hilton, coming soon.
  1. On-site Amenities
  • You want your special day to be unique and fun. Besides a place to hold the ceremony and the reception, what other assets, activities and amenities does the potential venue offer?  
  • At the Cavalier Resort, amenities and fun activities are everywhere.  A spa to indulge the bridal party before the big day. A one-of-a-kind distillery inside the hotel that offers tours & tastings – perfect for a groom’s party or as an activity for wedding guests. Free bike rental to explore the area and a free shuttle between our properties and our restaurants. The possibilities are endless.
  1. Vendor options.
  • Who will provide the flowers, catering, alcohol, wedding planner, band, etc.? At some venues, you can choose your own vendors,  while others want you to use their services or partner vendors. If you prefer to choose your own vendors, be sure to pick a venue that accommodates for that.
  • The Cavalier has a list of trusted vendors that you can partner with, but we’re also glad to work with other vendors of your choosing.
  1. Are the reviews positive?
  • Before you make a final decision on a venue, be sure to check the reviews. Couples who have just been through what you’re about to do and are describing and rating their experiences? Invaluable! Obviously, tons of negative reviews can be a red flag. Lots of glowing, positive reviews? That’s a very, very good sign, indeed.
  • At The Cavalier Resort, we take great pride in our overwhelmingly positive reviews. It’s not that everything always goes 100% according to the script. Hey, life happens. But from the wedding planners to the servers, our team addresses any and all issues that arise with positivity and perseverance to ensure a wonderful experience for all.